"Why number 10? It’s the number I always used, I’m happy to be here at this great club, If I used the number 100 I’ll be happy"

— James (via hala-madrid11)

It’s taken me a while to get used to the city and the team. Now I’m enjoying my football and especially the weather.”

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"The boy who dreamed of wearing the shirt worn by Ronaldo, Zidane, is now a Real Madrid player."

— Florentino Perez (via merengues1902)

Make me choose: Iker Casillas or Julio Cesar daniricciardo

"Today, you will surely remember the first time you visited this stadium, and said you wanted play here one day. James, that dream has just begun."

— Florentino (via addicted-to-james-rodriguez)

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"I am very happy to be here, it’s a dream that come true and I hope to win many titles. Hala Madrid!"

— James Rodríguez (via ramesrodriguez)

"James Never hidden his passion for this shirt and for Real Madrid, He has accompanied us to Lisbon on our way to the Tenth"

— Florentino (via hala-madrid11)